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Tequila Negroni

Alas, Negroni week came and went in Calgary and I drank nary a one. But my success with the Smoky Hot Pepper Negroni earlier this spring inspired me to try a similar recipe with tequila.

I used Roca Patron Reposado as a base; it’s a smooth tequila with sweet notes of roasted agave. To that I added a bar spoon of agave nectar for sweetness, then used Aperol, which isn’t quite as bitter as Campari, along with La Quintinye Vermouth Royal. The end result is a spirit-forward cocktail that’s beautifully balanced between bitter, sweet and strong. It’s also super easy to make! My taster/hubby loved it and declared he would like a few this Father’s Day.

This Tequila Negroni is spirit forward -- perfect for Father's Day.

This Tequila Negroni is spirit forward — perfect for Father’s Day.

Tequila Negroni

  • 1 oz Roca Patron Reposado
  • 1 oz La Quintinye Vermouth Royale
  • 3/4 oz Aperol
  • 1 barspoon agave nectar
  • Garnish: Orange twist

Method: Combine ingredients in a mixing glass and add ice. Stir until the drink is well chilled, then strain into a rocks glass over a large cube of ice. Garnish with an orange twist.

Drink of the Week: The Big Poppa

It’s true I’ve been on a bit of a scotch run since returning from Scotland with no less than 1.9 litres of whisky. The customs agent happily waved me through, proud (I surmised) that a woman was bringing so much single malt into the country.

Of course, the whisky was for my husband, who also happens to be a great dad to our two children. With Father’s Day looming, I wish I could say the scotch was his Dad Gift, but it’s been six weeks since I got back and the bottle of Bruichladdich Islay Barley is almost gone.

While it seems a shame to mix this whisky with anything, to make it last longer I’ll be making this drink for Blake on Sunday. The Big Poppa for Dad. Happy Father’s Day!

A Father's Day cocktail that combines scotch with orange liqueur. Photo courtesy Cornelia Guest Events.

A Father’s Day cocktail that combines scotch with orange liqueur. Photo courtesy Cornelia Guest Events.

The Big Poppa

  • 1-1/2 oz scotch (I used Bruichladdich)
  • 1/2 tsp orange liqueur (I used Cointreau)
  • 1 twist orange peel

Method: Combine scotch and orange liqueur in a stem-less martini glass. Add a twist of orange peel and serve to Dad on Father’s Day.

— Recipe courtesy Cornelia Guest, founder of Cornelia Guest Events

Drink of the Week: Vodka Martini

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday, which means there will likely be a Dad in your life (your father, or the father or your children) who wants nothing more than to chillax in his Dad Chair and toss back a couple stiff drinks. So why not put in a little effort and shake up a vodka martini?

Why a martini, you ask? Because it’s boozy and means business, and our favourite manly man (that would be James Bond) drinks his vodka martinis shaken — not stirred — just like the Luksusowa recipe, below.

Happy Father’s Day!

This manly martini is heavy on the vodka and features three olives.

This manly martini is heavy on the vodka and features a snack: olives. Image courtesy Luksusowa.

Vodka Martini

  • 2 oz Luksusowa vodka
  • 1/4 to 1/2 oz dry vermouth
  • Crushed ice
  • Olive, onion or lemon twist garnish

Sparingly atomize the inside of a martini or rocks glass with the dry vermouth (less vermouth equals a martini that is drier. Gently shake (or stir, if you must) Luksusowa vodka with the crushed ice in a stainless steel shaker, or glass pitcher. Immediately fine strain into the glass. Garnish with the olive, onion or lemon twist.

— Recipe courtesy Luksusowa

Drink of the Week: Cuba Libre

My husband spent a week in Cuba with his dad and brother last November on a trip I like to call “Father’s Week.” What happened was this: they bonded over rum. Sipping rum, shooting rum, rum in mojitos and rum in that most manly of Caribbean cocktails, the Cuba Libre. A distant cousin to a Rum & Coke, just add lime juice and you’ve got yourself a more cultured quaff.

I serve the drink, which translates as “Free Cuba,” in a Collins glass from Vietnam (hence the Communist star and gun-toting peasant).

I like to think that the three men — all fathers — toasted fatherhood with rum while relishing their freedom from it on the sandy beaches of Cuba. They were libre, man! Libre to drink a lot of rum, shop for guayaberra shirts and ogle the 1950s-era cars crusing the streets of Havana.

So, in honour of Father’s Day, pour Dad a Cuba Libre and may he drink enough of them to wax nostalgic about the highs of fatherhood, while simultaneously forgetting all about the lows. As they say in Cuba, “Salud!”

Cuba Libre

  • 1-1/2 to 2 oz dark rum (Appleton Estate Reserve is nice)
  • 1/2 oz fresh-squeezed lime juice
  • Top with Coke
  • Lime wedges garnish

Add ingredients into an ice-filled Collins glass, stir. Squeeze in a couple lime wedges for a nonchalant Cuban garnish. Enjoy in adult company on Father’s Day.