Drink of the Week: Rumbin

Here’s a tropical cocktail named for my friend Robin, who we’re travelling with in Costa Rica. I was tasked one evening with making her a fruity drink that didn’t have gin in it. So, I added some Dos Pinos Mixto de Frutas to a shot of Fleur de Cana rum, squeezed in some lime and ended up with this splendid cocktail, which Avery aptly called the Rumbin.

It's a fruity rum drink with a squeeze of lime. Best enjoyed by a waterfall in Costa Rica.

This fruity rum drink is best enjoyed by a waterfall in Costa Rica.


  • 1-1/2 oz rum
  • 3 oz mixed fruit juice (Dos Pinos is a combination of pineapple, papaya, mango, banana and orange juice)
  • Squeeze lime
  • Garnish: Tropical flower

Method: Build in a tall glass over ice and garnish with a tropical flower.

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