I love you, Fitbit

A couple months ago my husband’s company outfitted everyone in the office with Fitbits. A Fitbit is a brilliant little device that accurately tracks the number of steps you take in a day, the number of stairs you climb, calories you burn and kilometres (or miles) you walk. Just slip it in your pocket and away you go. The head honchos at Blake’s company evidently wanted to motivate everyone to get moving over the summer — the person who logs the most steps wins bragging rights.

The cutest feature is the little blue flower that “grows” when you’re active. How could you not fall in love?

It didn’t take much for Blake to vault onto the Fitbit bandwagon. He became quite obsessed with his fitness friend over a short period of time and even took to walking up and down the stairs in our house while brushing his teeth in order to gain more flights and steps and thus up his daily tally. I thought it was all rather ridiculous … until Blake decided I should have my own Fitbit.

It automatically syncs with your computer to calculate your daily, weekly and monthly totals. Very cool.

Now I too am hooked on my Fitbit. It’s inspired me to be more active as part of training for our Kilimanjaro climb in September. I am never without it (except when I’m sleeping) and I check it regularly to see my step total (I aim for 10,000 or more per day). Do I go up and down the stairs with it while brushing my teeth? You bet! (I know, nerd alert.) I even had a Fitbit scare a couple weeks ago when it fell out of my pocket in the dressing room at MEC during our Kilimanjaro outfitting shopping spree. Luckily, we were reunited.

Hiking with Fitbit in Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. We clocked over 7,000 steps and five kilometres.

Mostly though, it’s a little bug in my pocket reminding me to walk farther and climb higher. The fact that Blake has one too means some friendly competition to see who takes the most steps each day. If I make it to the top of Kili I’m sure I’ll have Fitbit to thank.

4 responses to “I love you, Fitbit

  1. Where can you buy one of these? How much? Sounds very cool.
    Nerdy and cool.

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