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We reached our fundraising goal! Now, let’s go higher!

I am thrilled to let everyone know that Blake and I have reached our goal of raising $5,895 for Renfrew Educational Services! Thanks to everyone who’s donated and to all who have been so supportive of our cause — we couldn’t have done it without you.

Bennett won’t be there, but I hope he and his sister will be proud. I know they’ll be excited to see our pictures.

There’s still a month left until we start our climb … who knows how much more we can raise? Maybe $1 for every foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro ($19,341)?? Dare to dream!

Climbing Kili for a Cause: Update

It’s been a month since we launched our fundraising effort for our son Bennett’s integrated special needs school. To date we have raised $3,775 for Renfrew Educational Services in advance of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in September.

Summit success on a Mt. Fernie training hike.

We have been wowed by all the support and we are on track to meet our goal ($5,895, or $1 for every metre of mountain from sea level to the summit). And, I am going to be on Global TV in Calgary to talk about the climb and the cause this morning (at 8:24 a.m.), so please tune in!

Over the past four weeks I have clocked 152 miles (350,000 steps) on my Fitbit, hiked to the top of Mt. Fernie in Fernie, B.C., dragged the children on a mud hike and spent more money than I thought was possible on outdoor gear at Mountain Equipment Co-op. I have yet to tackle the steps at Scotchman’s Hill but they are next on my hit list (Fitbit will be thrilled).

We are so keen to train for Kili, we dragged the children on a “mud hike.”

This training odyssey has not only helped me feel more prepared to tackle Kili in seven weeks, it’s led me to discover some great hikes for kids in or near Calgary — look for write-ups in future posts.

Tomorrow I fly to San Antonio, Texas with Bennett for the annual Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society conference. I’m looking forward to finding out more about our son’s genetic condition (18q-), learning about the latest research and meeting other families with kids like Bennett. Everyone will have a different tale and I’m looking forward to hearing their stories, and sharing our journey with B.

Climbing Kili for a cause

By now many of you know Blake and I are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for our 15th anniversary and also in support of Bennett’s special needs preschool, Renfrew Educational Services. Read my blog page all about The Climb and The Cause.

We hiked the Inca Trail in 1999. Success! We’ll gain another mile in elevation getting to the top of Kili.

As you probably also know, Kili is a tough climb. It’s not technical so much as really, really high, so it’s the altitude that poses the biggest risk of one (or both) of us not making it to the top.

We’ve both hiked a lot in the Canadian Rockies, but not as much at high altitude. To prepare for the climb we are doing lots of day hikes and trying to walk at least 10,000 steps a day, including tons of stairs. From what I’ve heard about Kili though, no matter how much you prepare, a lot of the climb is mental — believing you can do it and pushing through the hard bits.

If you’ve done the climb or other high altitude treks and have any tips we’d love to hear them. We’d also love your support! We are trying to raise $5,895 to go toward our son’s school — I think knowing we’d reached our fundraising goal would help inspire us on the summit push. Onward and upward!