Drink of the Week: Innis & Gunn Canadian Cherrywood Finish beer

Since it’s Stampede Week here in Calgary I’ve pretty much given up on cocktails. It’s so much easier to just crack a cold beer toward week’s end. And the good folks at Innis & Gunn make it deliciously worthwhile to do so every time.

At first I thought I should feature a Canadian beer but then I remembered that the Calgary Stampede beer sponsor is American (Budweiser), so I’m going with a Scottish barrel-aged beer; one that just happens to be matured over Canadian black cherrywood (with box art decorated with the oil painting “Forest Spectrum” by B.C. artist Tatianna O’Donnell).

This bold limited-edition Innis & Gunn brew has been matured over Canadian black cherrywood. It's yummy.

This bold, limited-edition Innis & Gunn brew has been matured over Canadian black cherrywood. It’s yummy.

Say howdy to the new, limited edition Innis & Gunn Canadian Cherrywood Finish beer. Weighing in at 8.3 percent alcohol, this strong and full-bodied brew packs enough punch — plus a touch of sweet maple — to make it a good pick during Calgary’s annual cowboy party.

It’s light enough to drink on a hot day, but dark enough to have great flavour and complexity — it almost has a hint of bourbon underlying its hoppy beer and berry body, and that’s because the cherrywood is infused with Kentucky’s finest. I don’t know how they do it (they have “Oakerators” for the 49-day maturation period), but I like it. Cheers!

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