A year of blogging

Today is not only American Thanksgiving (happy turkey day!), it marks the one year anniversary since I started blogging. I began Drink – Play – Love as a way to share parenting, travel and cocktail adventures; to tell the weird and wonderful family stories (Sea Monkeys) and drink recipes (Daisy Duke) that would probably never make it to print in one of my other writing outlets.

So far I’ve written about Bennett’s autism and genetic condition, our fundraising campaign for his school and our amazing trip to Tanzania. On a humourous note I chronicled Bennett’s war against his underpants, our misadventures in Ixtapa and a playground fundrasier that went off the rails after party-goers drank too much rum punch.

The stories that have resonated most with readers? Personal ones like Avery’s bucket list and my rant against back-to-school shopping.

I am still having fun with Drink – Play – Love and I hope you are enjoying it. Please let me know what you think!

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