Our gallery wall

My friend and professional photographer Jess Harcombe Fleming took some great candid and posed pictures of our family at Pearce Estate Park and in Fish Creek Provincial Park over two days last fall. Ever since she delivered the prints to our house I’ve been meaning to frame them for a gallery wall.

I finally had an opportunity this weekend. Blake and the kids cleared out to Red Deer and I began crossing things off the never-ending to-do list, including this daunting project.

I’ve always wanted to showcase our best family pictures on a gallery wall. I think I need to add some more in different sizes, from different times and places.

Now, my apologies in advance to my husband. Building a gallery wall is niggly and exacting work, and so there are now many little unsuccessful nail hole attempts hiding behind each photograph. But no one can see them and the end result is a nice start, don’t you think?

The view going up the stairs. Wait a minute … who’s that kid at the top??

I was all set to call it an evening, when this framed photo at the top of the stairs caught my eye:

Sorry boy from Peru, we are going to take you down now.

No, we did not adopt a kid from Peru. This picture was taken years ago near Cuzco and since we had to pay someone for the privelege of capturing the boy on film, he ended up framed and mounted on our wall. Sorry, muchacho, your days as art are over.

Do you have a gallery wall? Is it themed (family, travel) or random?

2 responses to “Our gallery wall

  1. Jackie Kadane

    Can’t wait to see your Gallery Wall. When you come to visit, you can do one for me!

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