Earth Day at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

I didn’t realize yesterday was Earth Day until we had completed our walk around the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and one of the sanctuary volunteers delivered the news. It suddenly made sense why the trails were busy with families, couples and birders enjoying the sunny 23C weather and hoping to catch a glimpse of a gosling, robin or ruby-breasted whatchamazoo.

With the knowledge it was save-the-planet day (and not just the first nice day of spring), I felt kind of bad that we’d gone on a walk instead of planting trees or building a composter or converting our home to wind power. A bunch of moms in Canmore even changed their cloth diapers simultaneously! As it stood, Blake and I had endured a struggle getting the children out of the house for a walk:

It's too bright! It's too hot! Please don't make us commune with nature on Earth Day!

At least we spent a good chunk of the day outdoors, forcibly enjoying nature. I think our outing was environmentally-friendly too.

  • We walked to the bird sanctuary instead of driving;
  • We picked up garbage during our hike (well, my husband picked up two pieces);
  • We didn’t even feed the birds this time;
  • We saw a coyote, two woodpeckers, and a goose nesting in a tree trunk. I suppose we could have gone all Hunger Games and brought the goose home for dinner, but I think that’s frowned upon (even if sustainable);
  • Bennett dressed in camo shorts to blend in with the natural prairie and river surroundings. Avery didn’t get the memo; she rocked a polka dot shirt and heart-patterned skirt, an ensemble so loud I’m sure that’s why we didn’t see any deer.

So, Mother Nature, I’m sorry we didn’t help out more yesterday. But we didn’t do any harm either. I think they call that a net-zero kind of day.

What about you? Did you get outside, hug a tree or otherwise on Earth Day?

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