And the Oscar goes to … I couldn’t care less

I can’t recall the precise moment I stopped caring about the Oscars. It was sometime after I had kids and long after I last tuned in for the entire ceremony, back in 1999 when Gwyneth Paltrow won best actress for her role in Shakespeare in Love. The truth is, I’m so busy reading The Cat in the Hat and watching Toy Story 3 every Saturday afternoon, I just can’t keep up with all the moving adult dramas and the up-and-coming starlets and the obscure nomination categories (sound editing? I mean, really?). The only Oscar-nominated movie I’ve even seen this year is The Help and I went only because I’d read the book.

Part of me wishes I’d spent January and February rushing out to watch The Descendants and Tree of Life and Midnight in Paris. Instead, I made it to one matinee, the digitally remastered Beauty and the Beast. In 3-D! It’s the kind of movie you take a six-year-old to see, and though Belle does a wonderful turn as an ingenue who brushes off the village brute’s advances and instead falls for a Beast (who happens to be a prince!), you kind of know going in she’s not going to be nominated for best actress.

It's a gooder, but definitely not Oscar-worthy.

So tonight, instead of tuning in to the Oscars, I’m planning a date with Phil Keoghan, of The Amazing Race. I may not have time for the best of Hollywood’s big screen offerings, but I always find time for an Emmy-winning reality TV show.

Forget the Oscars, I'm tuning in to The Amazing Race!

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