Parenting trends: the good, the bad and the ugly

Every year we get to hear what forecasters believe will be the big trends in everything from fashion to food. There are parenting trends too, some worthy of jumping on the minivan-wagon; others, not so much. A quick Google search revealed some interesting 2012 trend reports from iVillage, Babycentre and Scrambled Life weighs in.


1. The End of the Goody Bag. Hooray! Finally! We can thank the crap economy for putting an end to the tradition of giving birthday party attendees a bag full of dollar store junk to show them how grateful we are they are friends with our kid. I have never understood why the party wasn’t enough. You get to eat cake and juice and then run around and trash my house, kid. Isn’t that fun?

2. The Good Enough Marriage. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, iVillage reports your relationship doesn’t have to be perfect. Still, “good enough” doesn’t equate to “no effort” so it’s probably still a good idea to buy your love flowers and a card on Feb. 14th.

3. Kid Tablets. Santa gave Bennett a LeapPad for Christmas so I know the amazing power of this little tool. He uses it to draw and make patterns, takes pictures with it and practices writing his letters. With it in his hands — provided it’s fully charged — I will not fear a five-hour plane ride. Best of all it’s virtually indestructible and costs way less than an iPad.


1. “Dadchelor” Parties. Seriously? Guys need to find another reason to get together and get drunk? Come to think of it though, going on a bender before baby arrives is probably a good idea since all hangovers post-baby will be little excursions to Dante’s third circle of hell, where a screaming infant and a bitter wife punish Daddy for his over-consumption.

2. French Parenting. Last year Tiger mom made the news; this year it’s Pamela Druckerman and her book Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting. Evidently, the French are strict and don’t coddle their kids. They also eat better food and drink wine with dinner! This is supposed to make the kids better-behaved gourmands. Now, fermer ta bouche and eat your escargot!

3. Empty Nests Fill Up. This means parents will never get rid of their kids because they’ll just keep boomeranging back between jobs and breakups. And evidently the lodgers stay put even if Mom and Dad charge rent and refuse to do their laundry (can’t you just see the French rolling their eyes and saying, “Quelle horreur!”).


1. Even Older Moms. Just because modern medicine can now get 50-plus women pregnant doesn’t mean granny-mommy wannabes should head to the fertility clinic. For sure, the kids they have are wanted, but there’s just something kinda creepy about it. Do you really want all the playground moms to think you’re the grandma? Just sayin’.

What do you think? Which of these are trends you’ll embrace, and which are trends you’ll pass on?

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