Make your parenting resolutions fun (for you) or you won’t follow through

I know it’s a bit late to be penning parenting resolutions for 2012, but I keep coming across blogs from other moms who have vowed to make 2012 the year they unplug from technology, let their kids try new things, or visit more museums during family field trips. So initially I thought I could resolve to be more present with my kids, practice patience, visit Michaels regularly for crafting supplies, and spend more time cavorting in golden meadows with them.

Cavorting with Bennett.

But then I thought, who am I kidding? I am already present in body (even if my mind is zooming ahead to happy hour), I’m already fairly patient since I have a four-year-old who still isn’t potty trained, I actually really hate crafts, and it’s way too cold to frolic outdoors. So why not make some resolutions I’ll stick to? They may be hard on my kids, but they’ll make my life easier and more fun.

1. No more crafts. I just don’t get cutting and pasting and glitter and googly eyes that make a mess and a craft that gets tossed two days later. Seriously, what’s the point? Sure, it helps kids hone their fine motor skills, but can’t they just do this stuff at school?

2. Cook less rice. Note to Asia: this grain is really messy! Pasta is way more manageable. Also, stop buying Rice Krispies. When they mix with milk and fall on the floor, if you don’t clean it up right away it forms an unbreakable bond that will never come off.

3. Make the kids do more chores. This will be hard to institute, but think of the rewards! They are old enough to set the table, unload the dishwasher, clean their rooms, fix their own  snacks and feed the fish. So why I am I still doing everything?

4. Take them skiing and hiking more. We live so close to the mountains, so why do I spend so much time at playgrounds and the Calgary Zoo? 

5. Travel to cool places. We used to backpack in South America and Asia. Since having kids we visit all-inclusives and rent condos in Hawaii. These trips are fun, but kind of meh. It’s not like I want the children to get dysentery from a street vendor, but a little global adventure could add some spice to their pasta life.

What do you think? Are these resolutions I can keep?

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